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The Full Sweep Workout:
Your New Secret Weapon
for Gripper Certification

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Are You Frustrated with Your Lack of Progress with Wide-Set Gripper Training?

The Full Sweep Crush Builder Workout sets up the framework you need to tackle the IronMind Captains of Crush Certification.

Why Has the IronMind Captains of Crush Certification Proven to Be So Hard to Tackle?

The IronMind certification requires that the lifter close the gripper with a credit card set.

Credit Card Set For the C.O.C. Cert
You pre-position the handles of the gripper with the off-hand, and then insert a credit card to show proper set depth, prior to shutting the gripper to the closed position.

The problem most people face when training for the IM COC Cert, is developing crushing strength through the entire range of motion with the gripper, especially if they have small hands.

Since most gripper workouts out there focus on deeper sets, in order to close the hardest grippers you possibly can, the techniques, drills and work loads make it hard to transition to the credit card set necessary for attaining the Captains of Crush cert.

The Full Sweep Crush Builder Workout fixes all that...

What is the Full Sweep Crush Builder Workout?

The Full Sweep Crush Builder Workout is designed to help you strengthen your crush using wider sets, especially Credit Card Sets (CCS) and even no-set techniques.

With the Full Sweep Crush Builder Workout, you'll develop strength throughout more of the natural gripper sweep, you'll start seeing more successful closures with wide sets, and over time your confidence will rise higher and higher, making you a shoe-in for a successful certification attempt.

Why Did I Design the
Full Sweep Crush Builder Workout?

REASON #1: The first reason I designed this workout is because there are more people training for the IronMind Captains of Crush gripper certification than ever before, but the number of certified Captains of Crush hasn't risen very much at all.

Normally, you'd expect that as more people learn about a certification, the number would grow, but this has not been the case in recent years.

REASON #2: The second reason why I designed this workout is based on the feedback I've received from people pursuing this illustrious certification.

People just like you have told me that the current plans and programs they're following are not getting them where they want to go.

In fact, it's making them very frustrated.

It seems that this level of frustration has proven to be very discouraging, as I've met many people who've turned their training goals elsewhere.

Many just set their sights on different grip goals, but every so often, they give up on grip altogether, which is a shame.

Regardless of the levels of frustration they've reached, every single one of them has told me they're looking for a fresh, new layout and training structure to drive their training and work toward the certification.

REASON #3: My third reason for putting this workout together was to help gripper trainees strengthen the full range of the gripper sweep.

Often, gripsters can easily get the handles moving and make it into the mid-range of the sweep, when dealing with wide-set training.

The problems start arising from the mid-point on, as you get into the final portion of the gripper Range of Motion (ROM), known as the Finish.

To close big grippers, you must have a strong Finish. After all, the certification isn't for "almost" closing the gripper.

As Mean Gene Okerlund used to say, "Almost only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades."

You've got to be able to smash those handles all the way to the closed position, covering the Full Sweep, for the attempt to count.

With that in mind, it only makes sense to strengthen everything from the set, through the sweep, and all the way to the finish, so you can hear that beautiful clicking sound when the gripper handles come together. That sweet sound of gripper success!

What is Involved in the
Full Sweep Crush Builder Workout?

This workout includes four parts to help you develop your ability to manhandle hard grippers without sacrificing technique.

Let's look at the 4 components in detail:
    (1) Top End Work - This portion reinforces staying strong under the pressure of a hard gripper.

    (2) Cadence Work - Full Range Work, with extra focus on the end range. It's all about Time Under Tension.

    (3) Finish Work - The main objective here is strengthening that last little bit where gripsters so often miss, honing in on the last 1/4 inch.

    (4) The Closer - A fun new way to put the finishing touches on your workout. I guarantee you, you've never seen anything like this before.
Each of the 4 drills found in this quick workout is done to accentuate a particular phase of the gripper sweep.

For each section, there's a suggested level of gripper to use. Each level is based on your current 1 Rep Max, a.k.a., your best gripper close.

By strengthening all the phases of the gripper sweep, you'll gradually eliminate the weaknesses holding you back from accomplishing your gripper goals and taking you up the ladder of gripper difficulty.

This is very similar to the way a Powerlifter would train to build a stronger Bench Press, Squat, or Deadlift, breaking down the full movement into segments, and focusing on any of the segments that are holding them back, often called sticking points.

What Sets the Full Sweep Workout Apart
from Other Workouts and Programs Out There?

I don't want there to be any confusion about this workout. This is not a workout that is going to eat up your time, and you won't have to abandon all your other training goals.

This is what you WON'T have to worry about with the Full Sweep Crush Builder Workout...

Tons of Time Training Grippers: You won't have to rearrange all your other training in order to do this workout. The Full Sweep Crush Builder Workout is designed to be quick and easy-to-implement into your current layout.

Working Your Hands to the Bone: Have you ever run a gripper program and felt like you were slowly slicing all the skin of your hands? Each set and rep you do in the Full Sweep Crush Builder Workout is set up with a specific purpose - strengthening segments of the crush sweep. There's no wasted reps or excessive volume.

Constantly Trying to Set PR's: You don't need to always set new PR's (Personal Records) in your training. That's what testing days, cert days, and competitions are for. Training is about taking steps to get better. PERIOD.

What This Workout Is All About

Time Management with Short Workouts: Each workout will take you about 30 minutes, tops, depending on how much rest time you take, leaving you plenty of time to work on your other daily programming.

Effective Training: These drills are laid out with specific purposes, so you get the most out of each one.

Maximum Recovery from Workout to Workout: No more training from a deficit. Full Sweep lets you bounce back fully from session to session so you can put a hurtin' on your grippers, and not on your hands.

What All Do I Get When I Pick Up
The Full Sweep Crush Builder Workout?

Instant Access to the Workout Videos
When you make your purchase today by clicking the yellow "Add to Cart" button, I've got it set up to take you to the Access Page for the workout, automatically.

And just in case technology fails us, I'll be emailing you to be sure it worked as soon as I get the notification that the payment went through.

Proven Programming That Gets Results
I shot this workout in March, and went through it several times during a period when I was not focused on deep set work for grip competition.

The Full Sweep workout helped me improve my wide-set gripper training during that time, and it's gonna help you progress, as well.

Printable Workout PDF
There's no need to take a bunch of notes when you view the demos. Everything you need for quick and easy access is inside this PDF.

The PDF covers the reasoning behind the workout design, plus it lays out the entire workout for you, so you can print it out and reference it when you train at the gym.

Grab Your Copy of
the Full Sweep Workout, Today!

If you're looking for something to finally bring some structure to your wide-set gripper training, this is the workout for you.

As always, I am here for you if you have questions, once you go through the program.

And I can wait to hear directly from you, when we do the Special Coaching Call in a few weeks.

Thanks and all the best in your training.

Jedd Johnson
5-Time North American Grip Champion
Mash Monster Level 4
Your Grip Coach

Common Questions

Is FULL SWEEP a Digital or Hard Copy Product?

Right now, Full Sweep is only a digital product. I do not know, at this time, if it will be converted to a physical DVD, or not.

How Long Will It Take to Receive My Copy of the Full Sweep Crush Builder Workout?

When you make your purchase today, I've got it set up for the Access Page to go directly to your computer. However, I like to have my bases covered, so when I receive an email notification of your purchase, I'll also send you the Access Page to the product. Naturally, if I'm asleep, if my phone/computer aren't on, or if I'm driving, I won't be able to send it right away, but I will get it to you as quickly as I can.

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