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Discover how you can avoid one of the most painful, annoying, and distracting injuries, so you can keep your workouts going strong all year long, and keep it from ever coming back.
You Can Have Strong, Healthy, Pain-Free Elbows!

The Indestructible Elbows Program Makes it Possible.

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How You'll Soon Begin Building
Indestructible Elbows:

No Frills, No Gimmicks Program
You'll Use the EXACT PROGRAM I use with clients and in my own training day-after-day to stay stronger, healthier, and pain free.
(Don't EVER feel the need to push through pain to get
gains in the gym.

Strong, Resilient, Pain-Free
Elbows Can Be Yours with the
Indestructible Elbows Program
This program gets you the results you want, plus it makes you healthier and stronger)

4 Deadly Exercises You Should Never Do
These lethal movements are famous for causing elbow pain for both new lifters and seasoned veterans. And the worst part is, they’re very common exercises almost all lifters are introduced to in the weight room.

Diesel Power Work-Arounds
Instead of notorious lifts that mangle, crumple, and compress your elbows, you’ll learn my magic formula for elbow pain prevention to help you get stronger day after day without risk.

15 minute workouts
You’ll be done with your workouts before your favorite show is even halfway over. Don't worry about adding a bunch of extra time to your training sessions. The Indestructible Elbows workouts fly by fast!

6 Phases of Done-for-You Workouts
This program is designed to push your training to the next level without skipping a beat. You won’t ever have to worry about what to do next again. Just open up the program, read what you have to do, and voila… you’re ready to get stronger.

Bulletproof Your Lower Arms
This entire program bulletproofs your elbows and forearms from all the unnecessary lifting injuries due to a lack of awareness of what your body needs to stay healthy.

Erase Your Weaknesses
A common weakness lifters have is weak hands, forearms, and grip (think dropping deadlifts, or having to stop a set because your grip fails). The Indestructible Elbows program seals this energy leak, which means more reps, more weight and, over time, more muscle and better results.

Works for Lifters of All Ages & Experience Levels
I’ve used these exercises with junior high, high school, college and adult lifters to get them stronger and pain free in just weeks. In fact, I credit what I show you in this program with my 4-times consecutive National Grip Championships.

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Why You MUST Do EVERYTHING In Your Power
To Avoid Elbow Pain

Elbow and High Forearm Pain are some of the worst conditions you can have, if you're a lifter.

No matter what movement you're training, elbow injuries like tennis elbow, golfer's elbow and tendonitis can sabotage your results.

Elbow pain can hurt you on your pressing.

Elbow pain can interfere with your pulling.

BOOM, we just covered 90% of exercises. Elbow pain messes them all up!

Elbow pain can force you to have to go lighter on your lifts.

Elbow pain can make you to cut sets short.

Elbow pain can even bring your workout to an end, when it's bad enough.

BOOM, we just identified 3 of the most important ways you produce gains in the gym.

Now, I Ask You: How can you expect to see results, if your elbows and forearms are hurting you in so many ways???

The Answer: Progress you can be proud of is practically impossible, if you're dealing with Elbow Pain.

And what's even worse is that once an elbow injury like tennis elbow or golfer's elbow sets in, it can take a LONG TIME for it to heal and clear up.

That's why it makes so much sense to AVOID elbow pain at all costs.

And that's what Indestructible Elbows is all about - bullet-proofing the elbow and high forearm area to help you stay injury free and keep going strong all year long.

Here's What You're Getting
When You Pick Up Indestructible Elbows:

Instantly downloadable PDF document
No confusing technology! You can view Indestructible Elbows on any device with a free PDF reader, so you can get the Elbow Reinforcement Process started TODAY!

Pictorial and Video Demonstrations
Every single exercise has easy-to-understand pictures for quick-reference on how to do them properly. Need a bit more detail on how to go about doing the corrective exercises in the program? No problem, just click link to view a quick video demo of the lift, and you're ready to go in no time.

9 Week Indestructible Elbows Program
This plug-in program is ready to be worked into your current routine right away. You do NOT have to stop doing your program if you are currently on one! The Indestructible Elbows program starts you out with just 1 drill, 2 times a week, and you gradually work up in volume from there. By the time you hit 9 weeks, you'll be doing EXACTLY what I do week-in, week-out to stay injury free and keep your arms firing on all cylinders.

This weekly regimen has helped me steer clear of overuse injuries like Tennis Elbow since 2013.

This has been a major factor that's helped me win 4 consecutive National Titles.

If you want to strengthen your elbows so you are in Top Form 365 days a year, there is no better program than Indestructible Elbows.

Don't wait until you get an injury to address the state of your elbows.

Get ahead of the curve now, strengthen the entire elbow area from all angles, and ward off elbow injuries with this easy-to-follow program.

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Get Indestructible Elbows TODAY,
If You Want To:

Miss Fewer Workouts: Forget about the ache of Tennis Elbow and Golfer's Elbow getting in the way of your gym time. This program's got you covered so you can train consistently going forward.

See Faster Gains: Consistency is KEY to making gains in the gym, and your pain-free elbows will help you find a seat on the gain train easier and faster.

Train Pain Free: Nothing sucks worse that pushing through pain on every repetition you do. You can kiss that feeling goodbye with Indestructible Elbows.

Get Back to 100% Focus in Your Workouts: Pain can be a HUGE DISTRACTION in the gym, that can keep you from getting the work done you need to. With strong, healthy, pain-free forearms, you won't have to worry about that anymore.

Increase Grip Strength: Pain and injury can cause muscles to fire with less than full force, and can even cause them to shut down completely. The Indestructible Elbows program keeps the power flowing all the way through your arms by making your elbows strong and your grip even stronger...

Bigger Arms and Forearms: If your elbows are healthy, you can train your arms and forearms more intensely and go heavier - that means you can expect to see your forearms grow and your shirt sleeves to start feeling tighter.

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Putting the Indestructible Elbows Program to work for you is easy.

After you complete your order and grab your discount you’ll be delivered to the download page where you can download and save the program to your lap top or mobile device, and start putting it in action TODAY.

All the best in your training,

Jedd Johnson
4X Consecutive Natioanl Grip Sport Champion
Tennis Elbow Pain-Free Since 2013

Common Questions

Is Indestructible Elbows a Digital or Hard Copy Product?

Indestructible Elbows is an ebook in PDF format. You will be able to download it to your computer, laptop, MAC, or smartphone to view it.

How Long Will It Take to Receive Indestructible Elbows?

I have everything set up for the access page to come up on your screen immediately. You will be able to download Indestructible Elbows within minutes of purchasing it. Any problems, please contact me and I will help you out as soon as possible.

What If I Have Trouble Viewing or Accessing Indestructible Elbows?

No problem. Just email me at [email protected] and I am happy to help you out.

What Do I Need to Be Able to Access Indestructible Elbows?

There are many free apps that allow you to easily view PDF's. Adobe Reader is one example that you can use on your computer. Many others exist for mobile devices.

Will I Be Able to Print Out Indestructible Elbows?

Yes! Feel free to print out the workout plans and take them right with you to the gym. That is exactly what I will be doing.

What If I'm Already Following a Program?

No problem. You can plug the Indestructible Elbows program right into what you're doing. Throughout the duration of the Indestructible Elbows program, there's only 1 to 3 movements per day, so it will be seemless to integrate into what you're currently training.

I Have Trips/Work Travel/Vacation Planned. Will This Ruin Indestructible Elbowss for Me?

There isn't much specialized equipment in the Indestructible Elbows program, so even when you're on the road, you should be able to get everything in.

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