Is the 200lb Rolling Thunder Keeping You from Completing the Crushed to Dust Challenge?

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The Crushed to Dust Challenge

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Friends in Grip:

Are you having trouble with the Rolling Thunder portion of the Crushed To Dust Challenge?

IronMind's Crushed to Dust Challenge is a top goal for many grip strength fanatics.

However, many lifters get stuck dead in their tracks when it comes to the Rolling Thunder.

Lifting 45 pounds on the Hub - no problem

Closing the #2 - piece of cake

But when it comes to the 200 pound Rolling Thunder lift, it can be one of the hardest uphill battles you've ever faced.

Am I right?

It's no surprise that the Crushed to Dust Challenge is often referred to as the "Rolling Thunder Certification," because that is the hardest part of the equation.

Well, the days of struggling to reach your Rolling Thunder goals are NUMBERED.

The countdown is ON until the day you lay waste to the Rolling Thunder and hoist that 200 pounds with pride!

Now, you're armed for battle with the absolute best drills for Rolling Thunder training.

Introducing the Crushed to Dust Challenge Workout - the Fantastic 4 Drills that will build up all the facets of grip strength that lead to thunderous thick-bar power.

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So, what exactly does it take to reach the 200lb Summit on the Rolling Thunder Mountain?

Obviously, your FINGERS need to be up to the task of supporting the sheer weight of the 200-pound Rolling Thunder - that goes without saying.

And the Crushed to Dust Workout starts out with a drill I first started using in 2015 that helped me take my Thick Bar Strength to new heights and win the 2015 King Kong of Grip, a world-wide competition, and one of the most heralded contests, that takes place every October.

This drill has been a stand-by for my Rolling Handle training since August of 2015, and I can't wait to share it with you.

But, it doesn't stop there.

Most lifters gunning for the Crushed to Dust Challenge do not realize that STRONG WRISTS and THUMBS are ESSENTIAL for maximum performance on the Rolling Thunder.

A STRONG WRIST will help you get into a stronger, more advantageous position on each lift you take.

It's totally true - building wrist strength with the drill I'm about to show you in this workout, will take some of the load off your fingers and make the Rolling Thunder feel easier.

And, not only that, this wrist reinforcing drill produces carry-over to other forms of grip training, too.

As a matter of fact, my virtual client in Italy, Mattia Crispino, says his wrist strength is FLYING OFF THE CHARTS!

Don't just take my word for it. Here it is directly from the future Inch Dumbbell lifter and certified Crushed to Dust champ, himself:

"Dramatic Difference in Wrist Strength"

"Jedd, I think your tips on wrist training were really important. I've noticed many improvements in my wrist strength for steel bending.

It's given me the strength necessary to destroy the gold nail, without even warming up. I've never had this feeling of power in my wrists before.

I'm also seeing improvements on the Rolling Thunder lift - on good days, I'm getting 15-20 reps with 70kg, which is a BIG improvement.

I'm getting close to reaching my goals (CTD Challenge and Inch Dumbbell lift) and every day that passes I feel stronger and stronger.

Thank you so much, for everything!"

Mattia Crispino

STRONG THUMBS are something else you may not have considered for Rolling Thunder strength.

You need to have strong thumbs, so when the Rolling Thunder kicks like a mule into its deadly rolling action, your thumb can kick back, and deliver a powerful enough blow that it stops the avalanche before it occurs.

That's right, the thumb actually acts like a brake, just like in your car, in order to reduce the spinning action of the Rolling Thunder and even stop it altogether!

Once you're able to keep this violent rolling action to a minimum, your chances for successful pulls go up immensely.

Every successful lift brings you closer to where you want to be - that magic number of 200 pounds - and that's why packing on some extra pinching power is so important.

Now, you might think that in order to build this reinforcing thumb strength, you'll have to buy a bunch of extra equipment and do a ton of extra drills...

...but you don't!

In fact, you only need to do 1 single extra drill in order to strengthen the thumb to be an isometric work horse - and as far as equipment, all you need is the Rolling Thunder itself, and a thick elastic strength-training band.

You'll be able to lay the foundation for massive thumb strength, when you grab the Crushed to Dust workout, today.

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WARNING: You might just be SHOCKED at the TRANSFORMATION your hands go through!!!

After a few weeks, along with more and more weight going for a ride on the Rolling Thunder, your hands, wrists, and thumbs will be noticeably stronger, and you may even start noticing size increases...

That's right - your gloves might start fitting a bit tighter...

Your steering wheel might start seeming a bit smaller...

Your sleeves might fit on your forearms a bit more snug...

And you might be tempted to try and break the top off that bottle of water, rather than twisting it off...

But as cool as these changes may seem, the most important thing is that you'll be inching closer to completing the Crushed to Dust Challenge, with every passing workout.

But Jedd - What about the Hub and Gripper???

Obviously, the Crushed to Dust Challenge isn't JUST about the Rolling Thunder.

So, don't think for a minute, that you'll be skipping your Hub and Gripper training.

Not by any means!

In fact, you'll be working on making those two tests of grip strength feel easier than ever before, and before you know it, you'll be sitting on top of the world, basking in the glory of DOMINATING the Crushed to Dust Challenge.

Snatch up your copy of the Crushed to Dust Workout today and start booking your ticket for a trip to Crushed to Dust Mountain.

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All the best in your training,

"NAPALM" Jedd Johnson
Crushed to Dust Certified - February 2016
5X Consecutive National Grip Sport Champion - 2013 to 2017
King Kong of Grip - October 2015

Common Questions

What Makes Up the Crushed to Dust Workout?

The CTD Workout is broken up into 2 main segments: (1) Rolling Thunder Work, and (2) Hub & Gripper Work.

Since the strength requirement for the Rolling Thunder is so much higher than the Hub and Gripper, it only makes sense to put more focus and emphasis on the Rolling Thunder, so that's EXACTLY what we're going to do.

The Crushed to Dust Workout includes 4 Drills for Rolling Thunder, 1 Gripper Drill and 1 Hub Drill.

On top of the actual drills/exercises, I've also got additional videos that cover other key points you'll instantly be able to benefit from. Get ready for pointers such as:
  • how to choose the right loading pin to give you an advantage on the Rolling Thunder

  • Rolling Thunder technique considerations you're probably not even aware of

  • how get your hands and body primed for work

  • and other tips to help you get the most out of all the drills you'll be doing
  • .
Will the Crushed to Dust Workout Take a Long Time to Complete?

"A long time" is relative. I'd estimate the training drills for the Rolling Thunder will take an hour or so to complete, if you do all of them in one setting. If you also do the Gripper and Hub drills, you might extend that to 90 minutes, tops. For me, 90 minutes is a pretty standard grip workout, so that's no problem.

If you're a newer grip trainee, however, that may be too much volume and overall work, right now. So, you may want to split the workout up a bit, however you see fit. If you'd like my input on that, please email me and we can figure out how to best split things up for you.

Do I Need to Buy a Bunch of Extra Equipment to Be Able to Do the Crushed to Dust Workout?

The answer is no. You most likely already have most of the equipment you need for this workout: the Rolling Thunder, Hub, Grippers, a loading pin, carabeener, and weights.

The only thing in this workout that you might not have is an elastic training band, which is used in one of the drills.

I feel elastic training bands are great investments in your training, and they can be used in a multitude of ways. If you don't have bands, get them. If you don't want to though, that's fine. Just do the drill without the band.

Can I Download the Crushed to Dust Workout Videos?

The videos for the Crushed to Dust workout are streamed via a web page, very similar to embedded YouTube videos. They will require an active internet connection in order to view them each time.

Can I Get a Hard Copy DVD of the Crushed to Dust Workout?

At this time there are no plans to make a hard-copy DVD of the Crushed to Dust Workout, but if there is enough interest, I might be able to arrange a printed DVD in a jewel case.

How is the Crushed to Dust Workout Delivered?

Everything is set up for the Crushed to Dust Workout to be delivered to you automatically through Paypal, for times when I'm busy training, traveling, or sleeping. However, sometimes Paypal's delivery system is blocked by anti-virus software, so if the access page to the Crushed to Dust Workout doesn't pop up, just email me and I will send you the access page link as soon as possible.

Is This Right for Me?

If completing the Crushed to Dust Challenge from IronMind is what you want to do, then get this workout today and start putting in the work.

It will shorten the time to get there, by doing the best workouts and training the right way.

After 15+ years of Grip Training, and 8+ years of coaching people and helping them reach their goals, I've already trimmed the fat and assembled the Greatest Hits of Rolling Thunder Training.

However, serious effort is required. You can't just buy this video package, watch it one time and expect for the Crushed to Dust Challenge to come to you.

You need to hunt it down like a predator would, attack it like it's your next meal in the jungle, and show it absolutely no mercy until it lies before you DOMINATED and you hold the title of "Crushed to Dust Certified" in your strong, meaty hands.

If the rush of pursuit, the smell of battle, and the pride of victory are things that make your heart pump like a piston, then the Crushed to Dust Workout is for YOU!

Start stalking your prey the next time you set foot in the strength training jungle, whether it's your own home gym, basement, or commercial training center.

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