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IronMind Silver Bullet

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The days of frustrating, fruitless trial-and-error training, desperately trying to figure out how to get to your Grip goals are OVER. Get ready to hop on the Highway to Hand Strength!
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Put your past Grip Training frustrations in the rear-view mirror. It's full-speed ahead, now!

This DVD Set is your road map to success, and it's packed with everything you need to build phenomenal Grip Strength and perform Feats of Strength like a champ.
Get Stronger Hands Faster

Want quicker results? Then get the knowledge. Don't be like everybody else who tries to learn everything on their own. Let my 15 years of Grip Training take you down the path toward success and progress.
How to Have Better Workouts Each and Every Time

You'r making the Biggest Training Mistake Possible if you're skipping a Warm-up.

Grabbing your grippers, chalking up, and squeezing them cold is the worst way to train, PERIOD. BELIEVE ME - BECAUSE I DID IT FOR YEARS!

It wasn't until I learned the benefits of warming up that I understood how big of an impact the proper Warm-up has on all forms of strength training, and especially Grip Training.

Get ready to go through my exact warm-up protocol I do before each training session, right at your house while you watch.
Discover the Impact Body Tension Helps Your Grip Lifts

Did you know that you can get a stronger grip on something if you also activate other parts of your body?

It's true - through radiant tension, exciting the muscles of the torso, shoulders, and arms can make your grip vise-like. You'll learn all about the skills of creating and managing tension in this the DVD.
Understand Proper Grip Training Technique

Just like the Bench, Squat and Deadlift, Grip Training requires proper technique, otherwise you're wasting your time. In each section, you'll see how to properly set up for each lift, so your force application is as efficient as possible.

For instance, you'll learn the proper way to position a gripper in your hands, the best way to put your hand on a Block Weight to keep it from falling out of your hand, and how hold onto a deck of cards to get the tear started as easily as possible, plus 7 other technique demonstrations. I can't emphasize this enough: there is a BEST way to do Grip Feats and Lifts - if you don't do them that way, your progress will slow to a standstill!
Train Thick Bar and Lift Challenge Bells Faster Than Ever

You're not a caveman - It's not about pounding yourself with volume and beating your hands into submission. This section will show you the best Thick Bar training methods, that help you make better progress in your lifts.
Train With Confidence Toward Your Goals

No more second guessing yourself. Learn the system that helps you decide what your specific weaknesses are and how to correct them so you see better, faster results from the time you put in the gym.
Close Bigger Grippers

Maybe the most popular form of grip training, Grippers and Crushing were some of the first topics covered, right out of the gate, and we put a BIG EMPHASIS on proper technique.

Ditch the popcorn, GRAB YOUR GRIPPERS, and follow along with this section so you can get your Gripper set fully ironed out with Disk #1.

We targetted technique right from the get-go, and each guy got a chance to perfect his placement and tweak his technique. You can do the same right in your own home.
Feats of Strength and Importance of Tension

If you want to do feats of strength like ripping cards, tearing phone books in half, and bending steel, then the first thing you need to learn is how to produce tension. Once you can turn your body on, you can produce card shredding and steel melting force much more efficiently, and that means your bends and tears will be faster and more impressive.
Learn Feats of Strength Systematically

Feats of Strength can put stress on the joints, so it's important to go about them the right way.

I'll walk you through the process of starting out with Feats of Strength, and how to gradually work up to tougher and tougher feats.

We go through Card Tearing and Nail Bending technique in a step-by-step fashion, so you can pick them up easy and progress smoothly.

Follow this order, and you'll grow by leaps and bounds, instead of taking one step forward and two steps back all the time, due to injury.
Less Wasted Time and More PR's

I've wasted more hours in training than most people have logged yet, because when I started out there was very little info to get your hands on. Armed with the info in this DVD, you'll cut the learning curve down substantially, and you'll reach your goals even faster than I did when I started out.
Lift Bigger Block Weights

"Block Weights = Hand Strength." That was a quote from John Brookfield, one of the pioneers of Grip Training. Once I read that statement, I made Block Weights a staple in my training, and you should, too.
Learn Correct Program Design

Programming, or setting up planned periods of training to reach your goals, is a MUST, if you want to get anywhere with your Grip Work. In Disk #2, you'll learn all about exercise groupings that bring about big gains, grip goals that compliment one another, and the ones that should never be trained together, and the details of setting up your program to see improvement across the board.
Advanced Soft Tissue Therapy

As an added bonus, Dr. Jim Wagner treated us to some Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization using Hawk Grip Implements once the seminar wass complete.

Jim is like a walking encyclopedia, when it comes to the entire arm. It's like listening to a mad scientist talk, and you can really get a sense of the passion he has for his craft.

After watching this section, you'll have a better idea of how to take care of your own lower arms, what goes into keeping them healthy and avoiding injuries that are all too common, like tennis elbow, golfers elbow and other overuse conditions.

Do You Want to Reach Your Grip Goals Quicker?
Then This Video is Perfect for YOU!

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Above: Jedd with the guys who attended the seminar,
Dr. Jim Wagner (left) & Chris Fritz (right)

Feedback from the Attendees

Learned More in 5 Hours Than the Last 5 Years!

    “I got to spend the day at a seminar with the grip legend himself, Jedd Johnson. I learned more in 5 hours than I did in the last five years. It was an awesome day and Jedd is one of the nicest guys you could meet! I’ll be seeing you again Brother, hopefully at the next contest!”
    Chris Fritz

One of the Most Informational Courses I Have Taken!

    As a hand therapist and being in strength training for 28 plus years I found Jedd’s Essentials of Grip/Strongman Training Seminar one of the most informational courses I have taken! The information Jedd covered has made a huge impact on my training and how I look at treating my patients. Not only was the course informative, it was totally hands on!

    Jedd’s passion for the sport and approach to kinesthetic learning made the day!! Jedd laid the foundation for building diesel grip and forearm power! To anyone one who is considering getting into the arena of Grip sports or needs a change in training program Jedd’s course is a must have!

    Jedd Johnson CSCS is truly a national leader in the sport of Grip and Strongman competition!

    Jim Wagner OTD, OTR/L, CHT, CPAM, CSCS
    Doctor of Occupational Therapy
    Certified Hand Therapist
    Certified Strength and Conditions Specialist

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Digital Streaming Videos - $39.95:                            Hard Copy DVD - $44.95 + S&H:

On-line Videos

Hard Copy DVD

Grab This 2 DVD Set TODAY

Topics Covered During the Seminar

General to specific
  • General Full Body: Mobility / Activation / Light Stretching
  • Move to Weights
  • Move to Specific
  • Magic Formula for Success

  • Placement
  • Gripper Angle
  • Wrist Angle
  • Tension
  • Set to Close
  • Skin Stretch
  • Hit
  • Thumb Strike
  • Roll the Dice
  • High Impact Drills
  • Other Considerations
  • Plate Pinching
  • Block Weights
  • Odd Objects
  • Euro Pinch
  • Chalking Considerations
  • High Impact Drills
Thick Bar / Open Hand Training
  • What is Open Hand Training?
  • Is Thick Bar “Support Grip”
  • Support Specificity
  • Technique
  • High Impact Drills
Feats of Strength
  • Tension
  • Beginner Conditioning
  • Card Tearing
  • Steel Bending
  • Individual Based
  • Setting up YOUR Program
  • Formulating Workouts – Think Energy Economy
  • Specificity of Grip Training

As you can see, this 2-DVD Set is JAM PACKED with tons of information you need to know to build formidable grip strength.

Don't waste any time - Order your copy of this set TODAY.

All the best in your training!

Jedd Johnson
2014 & 2015 North American Grip Sport Champion
2015 King Kong of Grip Champion

Option 1:                                                                     Option 2:
Digital Streaming Videos - $39.95:                            Hard Copy DVD - $44.95 + S&H:

On-line Videos

Hard Copy DVD

Grab This 2 DVD Set TODAY

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