Who Else Wants to Learn How to Develop World Class Grip Strength, Performing Old Time Strongman Feats of Strength, and Excel in the Sport of Grip?

Now EVERYTHING you need to know will be at your finger tips.

Hello, I’m Jedd Johnson and I want to help you develop the Grip Strength to rip decks of cards, bend steel and crush any other goal you can think of.

I have helped hundreds of people accomplish their Grip Training, Strength Feat, and General Training Goals over the years, but don’t just take my word for it. Check out what Todd Coenen had to say after joining The Grip Authority:

    For me, the number one benefit to being a member of TGA is that you have helped me to change my way of thinking when it comes to grip training. Sometimes I tend to get caught up in doing the things that I’m used to doing, and it becomes difficult for me to think “outside the box”. The ideas and methods that you present each month would definitely be considered “outside the box”, and the creativity of these workouts is just outstanding. I got into overall grip training about three years ago, and although I have made some fairly good gains – I feel that if I could have started working with you right from the beginning, I would be way ahead of where I am right now. Thanks for everything, Jedd. I will definitely continue to be a loyal supporter of TGA.

    One more thing. I’m kind of a skeptic, and I wouldn’t normally pay money for any kind of workout or training program. TGA is the real deal, though. For me, it’s money well spent.

    Thanks again,

    Todd Coenen


    Thanks for your instruction during our call the other day. I really enjoyed the visit. It was nice to talk with someone so accomplished, yet who is genuinely excited about the progress of others. I first discovered grip training a few years ago as a way to strengthen my forearms for playing softball. I joined up with The Grip Authority after following your posts on the Diesel Crew site. I quickly realized that I was not working my grip hard enough or smart enough. Since joining up with your site, I have made tremendous progress in all areas of grip strength. Your instruction has basically accelerated my training farther in just a few months than I had gained in several years on my own. I recently purchased the Nail Bending DVD and started bending, which has added a whole new level of fun to my training. I feel lucky to have the DVD from the beginning of my bending career because I know it has saved me a lot of time in making progress.

    I would recommend your work to anyone interested getting a stronger grip or gaining an edge in athletics not only because the content is great, but your delivery is awesome. Everything comes across in a way that make you feel comfortable and eager to get to work. I think a lot of times teachers/trainers/coaches get bogged down in the content and lose sight of the element of motivation. The site is like a quick shot in the arm any time I feel a little stagnant or not quite energetic on a training day. I can log on and check out some videos to get ideas to put in motion.

    Will Jones

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I look forward to working with you on attaining your GRIP goals!

Jedd Johnson, CSCS
Captain of Crush and Red Nail Bender