December 5, 2010

TGA PR Thread

Hey guys, leave a comment here about an PR you set, whether it’s Grippers, Pinch, Bending, or anything Grip related.

I will start. Tonight, I lifted the Inch Dumbbell 7 times in a suitcase deadlift style.

This is the most times I have ever lifted the Inch in this style in one workout ever.

I used the Gym Movement Protocol to choose which Grip Discipline to work today. I tested Grippers, Vertical Bar, Thick Bar Deadlift, and Two Hands Pinch and by far Thick Bar tested the best, so after my full body workout (in which I did a lot of training with Fat Gripz, I was still able to hit all the full deadlifts with the Inch.


OK. Post yours below in the comments section.

So let’s here

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December 12, 2010

I got a 5/16″ x 7″ DO bend in about a minute and a half today, best time ever.

December 13, 2010

brent barbe

4 weeks after a back re-injury and 2 weeks after a car accident I pulled 451# on an axle(mixed grip). this is a new post back injury Pr.

December 14, 2010

Hit my Vulcan level 10 for 8 successive reps and my powerball for 11,453 rpm yesterday.

My Vulcan also feels closer to how David used to have it rated:

Coc #2 = Lev 5-7 
Coc #2.5 = Lev 8-10 
Coc #3 = Lev 11-13 
Coc #3.5 = Lev 15-17 
Coc #4 = Lev 18-20


That is pretty good on Level 10, bro. I am not sure if I can get Level 10 for 8 Reps. I am going to give that a try tonight!

So you think Level 18 feels like #4 range? I’d be interested to see what you think in a couple months with continued use. I’d rate Level 18 around a 3.5 on my Vulcan.



451 is a good pull. Looks like you are doing a lot of the RIGHT STUFF for your back. Keep us posted on how you continue to do.



That’s awesome bro! You are closing in on Red Nail territory.

Have you been able to crush down a Red-Nail-size-equivalent bar with the Iron Mind Pads on?


I can’t really comment on the 18 to #4 but the ranges that I’m working it seems accurate. I guess the only way to know would be to calibrate my Vulcan. I think Matti calibrated his and put the results either on DH’s site or the GB. I’ll go look and see what his read.

Matti’s ratings of Kimmo’s Gripper:
matti heiskanen wrote:
Here are the results:

kilkkisen Vulcan Gold spring ( 8 )

– Level 24 / 97.5kg / 215.23 lbs / rating = 4.10 8 X 8
– Level 23 / 92kg / 203.09 lbs / rating = 3.90
– Level 22 / 91kg / 200.88 lbs / rating = 3.86
– Level 21 / 85,5 kg / 188,75 lbs / rating = 3.66 7 X 7
– Level 20 / 81 kg / 178.80 lbs / rating = 3.49
– Level 19 / 80 kg / 176.6 lbs / rating = 3.45
– Level 18 / 75 kg / 165,56 lbs / rating = 3,26 6 X 6
– Level 17 / 71,5 kg / 157,83 lbs / rating = 3,13
– Level 16 / 71 kg / 156.73 lbs / rating = 3.11
– Level 15 / 65 kg / 143.5 lbs / rating = 2.84 5 X 5
– Level 14 / 58.5 kg / 129,13 lbs / rating = 2,48
– Level 13 / 58 kg / 128,03 lbs / rating = 2,45
– Level 12 / 55,0kg / 121,41 lbs / rating = 2,29 4 X 4
– Level 11 / 51,5 kg / 113,68 lbs / rating= 2,09
– Level 10 / 50,5 kg / 111,48 lbs / rating = 2,04
– Level 9 / 47 kg / 103,75 kg / rating = 1.76 3 X 3
– Level 8 / 43 kg / 94.92 lbs / rating = 1.46
– Level 7 / 41 kg / 90.50 lbs / rating = 1.27
– Level 6 / 37,5 kg /82,78 lbs / rating = 1.00 2 X 2
– Level 5 / / 34.5 kg / 76.16 lbs / rating = 0.71
– Level 4 / 34 kg / 75,1 lbs / rating = 0,64
– Level 3 / 31,5kg / 69,53lbs / rating= 0,43 1 X 1

Courtesy of David Horne’s World of Grip and Matti Heiskanen

David’s new ratings fall in at about these #’s but there are a few guys like myself who consider these numbers a tad low for their particular gripper. I guess it’s just another variations in the springs type thing.

I’ve never had the opportunity to try another Vulcan though either so maybe I’m all hepped up but I can close all of my GM’s and #3’s though so I’ve got some reference for this poundage area.

Have you had the opportunity to try a couple of different Vulcans?

Oh and David considered the highr number to be closer to the CoC equivelent so level 10 would feel like a stout 2.5 and your 18 would be a weak 4 (by the old list). I imagine the further ranges (either high or low) any spring differential or just rating differential is going to jump substantially and not in a lineal fashion.
Anyways, I’m no expert. Best I can do is say yep “this is hard” or “nope, that feels harder”. Pretty subjective.


This is great info. Thank you for posting it here.

Yes, I have tried Chris Rice’s Vulcan. They felt pretty comparable, I would say. I am sure the coil springs are like the torsion springs in that they season to a point and then stop and maintain a consistent strength after a time.



True. Put in the time training, always try to improve your technique and the various points of the gripper stroke and anyone should be able to progress.

December 17, 2010



Had a couple pretty substantial PR’s for me this week.

On Sunday or Monday (can’t remember which) I PR’d in Thick Bar. I hit Suitcase Deadlifts with the Inch Dumbbell. Got a total of 6 or 7 full reps between both hands. I haven’t had that many successful lifts my entire life with the Inch.

I also PR’d big time in Wide Pinch on Wednesday. I lifted my Fat Man Clone 4 times in one workout. I actually got stronger as I went, holding it for a pause on the last one.

Thanks. Hope your training is going well.


December 20, 2010

Jedd- all the 5/16 have been double wrapped w/suede


Well, the good thing about that is that you are working in that power position. Have you tried bending a 5/16 in just cordura wraps? If not, the first time, you may feel some intense pressure on the fingers. You may not though – it’s hard to tell. You can work your way down from double suede to just IM pads over the course of a few weeks and you will be destroying IM Reds wrapped in little blue pads in no time. Keep us posted.


Horseshoe bending I’m getting a lot better at kinking over my right now. It still doesn’t feel as natural as my left but it’s coming.

December 21, 2010


Dude, that is some pretty sick work with the PowerBall.

Good work with the Shoes.

December 23, 2010

Had the BEST thick pinch workout of my life last night and I just keep getting stronger with Jedd’s SST workout. I’m predicting that the Blob50 should be getting freed of gravity by the end of January if I can keep this up.

December 28, 2010


Hit a PR on the “new” Rolling Thunder last night.
190 x 15 reps

December 29, 2010


Bro, that is a nice number. I want to try that in one of my upcoming workouts.

How much time did it take you?

Did you rest between reps or reset your grip at all?


Thanks, Jedd.

I reset the handle between each rep, but other than that I didn’t rest between the reps.

In the past, my best set without resetting the handle was 175 x 10.

December 30, 2010




December 31, 2010

Damn strong Todd! Besides my wide pinch that damned RT is right up there as a stinkin’ grip nemesis.

January 5, 2011

Brother EddieJ.

Monday night I unofficially bend the Red Nail, in ironmind pads. Jedd’s DVD helped it to click.

My best PR to date.

January 7, 2011


Excellent job, bro!

January 17, 2011

Picked 2 wide 35’s (~3″) last night. The 2-45’s feel real close as does the blob. I’m still hoping by the end of the month.

January 18, 2011



This is fantastic!


March 27, 2011


On Friday March 25 set a new PR in the 3 finger deadlier with the R-Ring with a lift of 225 breaking my old record by 40 pounds. I have not done this movement I about 6 months. I plan to break this number again this week


Mayhem, That is fantastic. That has been a long time to not train something and then STILL PR. Great stuff!

March 29, 2011

Great PR! Hope you get some more on there soon bud!

April 19, 2011


I just set a new PR in the 3 finger r-ring lift with a lift of 245