April 4, 2010

How Often Should You Train Grip?

Hey there – I hope your training is going well!

One of the most common types of questions I get is about Grip training volume.

In fact, on The Grip Authority, I just got a comment from one of the members about it this week.

This question was in regards to the March Workout of the Month on Rolling Thunder Training…Adam said, “How often do you recommend we do this Jedd?”

Here’s my reply on grip training frequency for the March RT Workout of the Month. It can apply to any workout program you are currently following…

“Good question. First off, this workout is designed to be enough volume to constitute one workout that will be effective at strengthening the major aspects of the Rolling Thunder lift, while not being so much volume to leave you out of commission for your next workout.

I try to to keep the volume within the middle ranges. If you are used to more volume, by all means, hit an extra set or extend the reps. If you think the volume is too high for you personally, you may want to reduce a set by one.

The volume you use depends on what your current goal is. If you want to put a great deal of focus on your Rolling Thunder performance, then doing it multiple times a week and all through the month is great, and I know you will make solid gains that way. If you plan on using the workout this way, I would start out with two workouts per week and then try sticking in a third to see how you feel.

Next, I want to point out that you can also take these workouts and break them up so that you take a portion and plug it into one of your workouts during the week, and then continue to do that as the week goes by.

Breaking the workout up initially can be good for getting your hands used to the volume with the Rolling Thunder over the course of the first week. Then, in the following weeks you can increase your volume as you become better conditioned to the stimulus. Then after a week or ten days you will probably be in perfect shape to do the entire workout each time you train grip.

A lot of grip training success depends on individual factors, so you have to play around a bit and find out what works best for you.

As you guys continue to experiment, please feel free to bounce questions off me as we try to find out what works best for you…”

At TGA, I cover a wide variety of grip training topics and feats. My aim is to help each person who joins improve their grip. But even if you are not a member, this information should help steer you towards success with your grip training.

I love exploring the various grip topics, going over my experiences with the feats, descriptions of how implements work, lifting techniques, how to moderate volume, etc. I also enjoy putting together the Workout of the Month that you can plug into your current program or convert to entirely.

In addition it’s great interacting with the members. I welcome any and all comments, and I tailor the video features to the members’ goals so that they get the most out of their investment.

Thanks and all the best in your training. I know I’m enjoying a nice workout outside in the Pennsylvania sun today!


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