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Who Else is Ready to Learn
Classic Feats of Strength Like Steel Bending, Phone Book Ripping, Card Tearing, and Horseshoe Bending from Two of the Best Teachers in the World?

NOW is the time to get started!

From Jedd Johnson
Author or Multiple Feat of Strength Books & DVD's |
Certified Red Nail Bender | Pinch Grip World Record Holder | Co-founder at Diesel Crew

Have you ever wanted to learn to perform feats of strength?

We have all seen the greats of the past performing fantastic feats of strength.

From the historic strongmen such as Alexander Zass and the Mighty Atom to the more recent Slim the Hammer Man Farman and contemporary greats like Dennis Rogers.

We have seen them bending bars, ripping phone books and decks of cards, and crushing cans with their bare hands.

I want you to think about something for a moment...

Do you remember the first time you saw a strongman performing feats of strength?

I bet you said, "That is awesome!"

I bet you thought, "How do they do that?"

I bet you said, "I want to do that, too!"

Until now, learning to do feats of strength meant paying for products on-line and waiting for them to be printed and shipped.

The suspense was torturous and all the while you wondered if you had gotten ripped off.

Finally you got them, only to find out that there was still something missing...

You needed a watchful eye to guide you through the process.

Feats of Strength are like any other sport or form of physical training.

You need someone standing by to correct your form and make sure you are doing things right.

You need a partner there to push you through sticking points and to cheer you on so you don't give up to the steel!

Unfortunately, it can be hard to find someone who shares the interests you have in feats of strength.

Most people just want to go to the gym and go through the motions. They don't want to put in the effort it takes to build real strength - the kind that enables you to bend steel, to rip cards and tear phone books.

And so you end up getting frustrated, giving up on your goals of learning the feats of strength of the past.

But not anymore...

On October 16, 2011, you can learn from two experts in the field of Feats of Strength.

Who are these experts?

Jedd Johnson: Author of multiple resources on Feats of Strength, Jedd certified on the IronMind Red Nail in 2007 and has since bent even harder bars, torn thick phone books, quartered and cornered decks of cards, as well as many other feats of grip strength.

Mike Rinderle: Mike and I produced Hammering Horseshoes, a DVD dedicated to horseshoe bending. He has bent some of the hardest horseshoes ever documented, and is a master at braced and unbraced steel bending. He won the inaugural Beast in the East steel bending competition in 2011.

What will you learn?

We have planned the Ultimate Hands-on Training Experience for you - we will show you how to perform these feats of strength and then immediately break out into small groups to practice the feats themselves.

 Proper Warm-up:

We will take you through the 10-15 minute warm-up that we do every workout in order to prepare our minds and bodies for an extreme workout.

 Short Unbraced Bending:

We will cover everything you need to know about short steel bending, including nail bending, bolt bending, and other forms of stock bending.

 Horseshoe Bending:

We will show you how to wrap, kink and crush horseshoes

 Card Tearing:
We will show you the proper grips and techniques you can use to rip seriously hard decks of cards.

 Phone Book Ripping:
You will understand the closely guarded secrets of phone book tearing, including a variety of techniques that test your grip strength in a range of different degrees.

 Injury Prevention: We will cover the methods we use to keep our lower arms healthy and injury free so that we continue to kick ass all year round.

Common Questions

When is the Workshop?

The workshop will take place on October 16, 2011 we will begin at 10 AM and go until 3 PM, with a lunch built in.

Where will the Workshop take place?

The workshop will take place at Dan Cenidoza's new facility, Art & Strength - Where Strength is an Art Form, located at 4115 Wholesale Club Drive in Baltimore, MD.

Why are we doing this?

Mike and I love performing feats of strength and truly enjoy helping others learn to bend and tear things themselves. We have received so many requests to do something like this together since releasing our DVD, Hammering Horseshoes, that we thought this would be an outstanding opportunity to partner with Dan Cenidona on the opening of his new facility.

What Will We Need to Bring?

We will have materials there to bend, rip and tear, so you can practice your newly learned skills!

How Much Does it Cost?

From now until October 10, we are opening the doors to our Workshop for just one payment of $197...
...or Two Payments of $99


Each attendant gets the following bonuses FREE, just for attending the workshop:
  • Free Copy of the Footage from the Workshop: We will have the cameras rolling and will send you a copy of the footage after the Workshop.

  • Nail Bending eBook: Hundreds of people have bought this eBook to help them. No other source of information has helped more people certify on the IronMind Red Nail.

  • Card Tearing eBook: The go-to resource for this classic feat of strength. It has been sold to hundreds of people all over the world.

  • Materials for Bending and Tearing: All materials needed for bending and tearing at the workshop will be supplied for you.

  • Two Free Month's Membership at TheGripAuthority.com: The leading source of on-line coaching information for Grip Development, Grip Sport, and Feats of Strength

  • 30 Days of Email / Video Coaching on Feats of Strength: Mike and I have coached dozens of people to fantastic feats of strength and we look forward to working with you toward attaining your goals as well.

After October 10, the price will go up to $297, because it will be tougher to get materials for everyone, so make sure to sign up right now.


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