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King Kong Grip

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Who Else Is Getting Ready for the King Kong Grip Challenge?

The King Kong Grip Challenge will take place in October.

This contest will be different than most contests, because all of the events contest only one hands.

Will you be ready?

When you pick up this Workout, specially designed for the events at this comp, you will be one step closer to finishing at the Top.

Here is What You'll Learn in This Month's Workout:

Strategy Tips:

The King Kong Challenge events are all 1-handed events.

This makes the contest quite a bit different from others where there are more events with two hands involved in the lifts instead of only one.

Will you have enough strength and endurance in your dominant hand to use it in all 4 events? Highly unlikely.

In this workout, you will be training each hand intensely.

That way, you'll be able to assign at least one event to your non-dominant hand.

PLUS, in the event that you injure your dominant hand in training or at the contest, your off-hand will be ready to take over when duty calls.

Specific Event Technique Details:

1 Hand Axle Deadlift: There are two main points that must be hammered home for this lift. Proper stance and hand placement. These are key when performing the straddle variation of this lift, as the bar must be balanced to be a legal lift.

1 Hand Euro Pinch: Proper width is the most important part of technique with this event, but in this section I also cover things like proper amounts of chalk, hand location on the apparatus, and correct body positioning during the lift.

Little Big Horn: This is a new event to North American Grip Sport, but it is sure to gain popularity and appear in more contests. With that, it is important to know proper technique and every little subtlety that can make or break your attempts at big weight.

Hub Lift: The IronMind Hub has become a staple in the Crushed to Dust Challenge but has only recently begun appearing in Max Weight contests in North American Grip Sport. Like any other event, the devil lies in the details, so I will straighten thenm all out for you.

Other Technical Details About 1-Handed Lifts:

  • 1. Proper Stance - Often with 1-handed lifts, the bar or loading pin will tend to move as you lift it. I will show you how to position the implement to minimize this excessive movement which can cause you to miss on an attempt.

  • 2. Chalk Application - Each implement is a little different and the surface will offten dictate how mucch chalk to use. Unfortunately, most people think the more chalk the better, but this is rarely the case. I will show you how much chalk to use on each implement so you can maximize your grip on the implement.

  • 3. Off-hand Bracing - One technical mistake often made is forgetting to brace the off-hand. Remembering to do this helps stabilize your core and protects your back when performing unilateral lifts.

  • 4. Arm and Wrist Angle - With some events, it is a good idea have a slight bend in the arm - in others it's not. Also, there are some events where cocking the wrist will help you add another 5 to 10 lbs to your lift. I will show you when to bend the arm or cock the wrist and when not to.

The Workout

This program is a 2-day program. You can place the individual workouts on any days you want, or you can split them up, depending on how they will work best for you.

Day 1: On Day 1, we will focus on two events, the 1-Hand Axle Deadlift and the 1-Hand Pinch.

We will perform two drills for each event.

One will be based around volume and the other will be based around strength development.

There are 4 exercises in total and the workout will take you about 30 minutes.

Day 2: On Day 2, we will focus on Grippers, Hub Lift, and the Little Big Horn Anvil Trainer.

Although the King Kong Challenge will not test Grippers, keeping them in your regular training will help you to maintain your current Gripper Strength.

For the Hub, you will train volume to bring up your hub lifting strength, plus you will perform some isometrics in order to get your hands used to the claw grip of the hub if this is your first time training it.

Then get ready to move some big weight with the Little Big Horn. You'll not only work your hands but your wrist, forearms, and core with this lift.

Naturally, any questions you might have about adding this workout into your training, just send them my way.

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All of this SOLID information can be yours in just a few minutes.

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Thanks for picking up the King Kong Grip Workout, and I look forward to hearing how you did at the contest.

All the best,

Jedd Johnson
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