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The Inch Dumbbell
Made famous by Thomas Inch, a British Strongman in the late 1800's, lifting the Inch Dumbbell has been one of the most sought after feats of strength in the grip world for decades.

This giant piece of cast iron likes to taunt would-be lifters.

You reach down, thinking, "Oh, 172lbs, how hard can that be?"

So, you grip onto the handle and give it a slight tug.

And that's your moment of enlightenment.

Thomas Inch
Inventor of the Inch Challenge Bell

The Inch Dumbbell, with it's nearly 2.5-inch handle and cast-iron, one-piece form, starts to rip your grip open and roll right out of your finger, the instant you break The Inch free from the ground.

And that's if you're lucky enough to get it off the ground at all.

For most, when you try to lift the Inch, it just sits there, laughing at you.

Try and try again, most lifters walk away in bewilderment the first time they cross paths with the Inch Dumbbell.

Many a lifter remains frustrated for years, wondering what they have to do in order to FINALLY lift the Inch Dumbbell.

Too many lifters NEVER succeed in puling it all the way to Lockout.

And some, never muster even a few inches of space between the floor and the dumbbell.

Now, it's time to change all that.

It's time to show the Inch who's the boss.

And that's YOU.

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The "How to Lift the Inch" DVD will help YOU lift the Inch Dumbbell faster than you ever thought possible.

Armed with knowledge, you'll know all the tips, tricks, and tactics to make sure every workout you do on the Inch Dumbbell has a purpose.

No wasted energy, no excessive volume, and always gaining strength and making progress.

Each session, you'll feel like you've made strides forward in your quest to lift the Inch, rather than spinning your wheels, staying in the same place all the time.

With each training day, you'll feel more and more confident.

You'll look forward to the next time you get to do combat with the Thomas Inch, instead of dreading it.

Here's why you need "How to Lift the Inch" DVD right now...

Maximize Your Power Output
With Proper Inch Technique

There's Technique in EVERYTHING, and there are 3 main ways to lift the Inch.

Depending on your arm strength, back strength, mobility limitations, injury history, and other individual factors, you'll find you like one more than the others.

Inch placement, stance, arm angle, hand orientation, and tension management all go into proper Inch Technique.

And once you figure out the style that works best for you, you're off to the races.

For many lifters, the first section on Technique will be all you need to break the Inch off the ground for the first time.

Get 5% Stronger Right Away By
Properly Applying Your Grip on the Inch

Would you want to immediately see a 5% increase in your thick bar grip strength?

That's EASILY attainable for you, and some people will see even more than that.

This has to do with the elastic properties of your skin.

You're gonna be amazed at how much your grip improves on the Inch and on your other thick bar training tools, too.

FACT: This grip modification has been the #1 factor in my recent improvement on the Inch Dumbbell and other Thick Bar Training Tools!

Although a 5% increase might not sound like much, it's roughly 8lbs, (172lb x .05 = +/- 8).

Wouldn't you like to be able to add 8lbs to your current best Rolling Thunder or Loadable Dumbbell lift?

You will when you learn this trick.

Learn the Grip Modifications
That Help You Lift the Inch Faster

Once you understand how to lock your grip in, the next thing you need to know is how to accentuate your strong-points and bring up any weak ones.

Just like the highly technical Bench Press, Squat, and Deadlift, lifting the Inch Dumbbell will expose your individual strengths and weaknesses.

Knowing this opens the doors to better exercise selection, and lifting the Inch Dumbbell faster.

All of this is explained in this section of the video.

Before you know it, light bulbs will be turning on in your head, and the Inch Dumbbell will be quaking it ins boots.

Maximize Your Time in the Gym By
Doing Only the Best Training Drills

Why waste your time with drills that don't help you?

Makes no sense, right?

I'm gonna show you my FAVORITE 10 Drills to do with the Inch Dumbbell to maximize your hand strength and to take you to your first full lift as fast as possible.

Lift the Inch Faster By Learning
More Efficient Grip Force Production

As if Technique and the Drills you perform aren't important enough, in this section you'll see how to recruit even more strength from you body.

I call this advanced force production technique "Radiant Tension," and it's not just "hype" or "trickery."

Radiant Tension is FOR REAL.

This method allows you to produce more strength by engaging much more than just your hands to lift the Inch Dumbbell.

Once you get good at harnessing Radiant Tension with the Inch Dumbbell, then you can even apply it to other forms of grip training as well.

No Inch Dumbbell? No Problem!
You Don't Need One to Build Inch Strength

In this DVD, I cover many of the various training tools that are out on the market today for training for the Inch Dumbbell...

The Rolling Thunder, Plate Loadable Dumbbells, Shot Loadable Dumbbells, FBBC Crusher, Wrist Wrench and even Fat Gripz are covered in detail.

I run each tool through my 3-part qualification criteria for Inch Dumbbell Training Implements.

The 3 categories I cover are (1) Pull Height, (2) Handle Size, (3) Handle Action.

I use these 3 factors as indicators for how well the tools mimic the Inch Dumbbell and how suitable they are for developing Inch Dumbbell strength.

You might just be surprised with what I share here, but believe me, this is not just some random rating system.

This is backed by over a DECADE of training on ALL of these different implements.

Using this 3-Point Rating System, you'll learn:
  • The best new implement to hit the market for developing Inch Dumbbell strength

  • The globally known implement that seems to be one of the WORST options for Inch Dumbbell Training

  • Some of the oldest tools that have been around forever, but seem to have lost favor with grip enthusiasts.
By the way, the last one is a MYSTERY to me, because that's what I used to develop my Inch Lifting Strength, before I owned an Inch Dumbbell, and I continue to use it today.

What Do I Need to Lift on This...
To Be Able to Lift the Inch?

It's the age-old question, I've been asked COUNTLESS TIMES.

"How much do I need to lift on my ______, to know I'll be able to lift the Inch Dumbbell?"

In this section, I give you Direct Comparisons for the weights you'll need to lift on the other tools, to be confidnet with the Inch Dumbbell.

Naturally, everyone is different, but there seems to be some pretty consistent ranges on each Inch Trainer.

And I'm gonna share them ALL with YOU.

The Best Thick Bar Drills for
Building Monster Grip Strength

In this section, you'll learn my absolute favorite exercises for building Thick Bar Strength, WITHOUT using the Inch Dumbbell.

Again, if you don't have an Inch Dumbbell, it's no reason to be concerned.

You're soon gonna learn the drills I do on a regular basis for Thick Bar, that produce the best Inch Dumbbell strength.

Two of these drills I learned from other Thick Bar Dominators in the USA: Andrew Durniat and Chad Woodall.

These drills have really helped me with my Inch Dumbbell strength, and now I'm passing them on to you, so you can benefit as well.

Plus, I've got some other favorite exercises hidden up my sleeve, that I've only shared with my exclusive coaching clients...

Testimonials: What Are Others Saying
About How to Lift the Inch Dumbbell?

"Honest Informative Instruction
on Inch Dumbbell Training - PERIOD"

"I have fully viewed Jedd Johnson's How To Lift The Inch DVD. The short review is: If you watch Jedd's DVD and you DON'T realize your dream of Inch domination go watch it AGAIN cuz you obviously missed something!

The long: Jedd made an EPIC video instruction tool! Imagine if you wanted to Bench Press and the only bar you had was 350lb and like the Inch you couldn't change the weight. How would you go about training for something you can't lift? Sounds intimidating doesn't it? Jedd adroitly addresses training with something you can't lift.

He shows you simple but devilishly clever ways to get after it. Any intimidation quickly gives way to a "Hey, I can do this!" Jedd breaks it down simple and smooth. He then goes on to ways you can make it possible to get some good air time via some simple lightening techniques.

Don't have an Inch? No problem, Jedd gives thoughts on lifts and tools that can supplement your Inch training whether you have one now or maybe will get one later. Towards the end, Jedd gets into training frequency, programming and ... it is impossible for you to miss that Jedd WANTS you to do your best.

He's not slinging a bunch of rehashed phrases, jargon and gym BS. You know he's been there, sometimes frustrated to tears and others victorious with blood dripping from his hands. You can't fake that. You will not find a more pure, honest informative instruction on Inch training PERIOD. Thanks BROTHERRRRR!"

James Fuller
Strongmn Archaeology

Putting it All Together: Programming Your Training for Maximized Results

Now it's time to APPLY all of this KNOWLEDGE, and TURN into STRENGTH.

At the end of this DVD, you'll learn the keys for programming your training to build maximum thick bar strength.

Your Programming section is split into 2 parts:
  • In Part 1, you'll see the effective set and rep schemes and the drills to select depending on where you're at currently with your Inch Dumbbell work.

  • Whether you're breaking the Inch off the ground, or if it's just a giant paper weight that spins when you try to pick it up, will make a big difference in how you'll set up your training.

  • In Part 2, you'll learn the important points about training the individual implements on the market that help you build the strength to lift the Inch Dumbbell.

  • Naturally, the specific implements you have, your current strength level, and your ability to recover, ALL go into setting up your Inch Dumbbell Training
This has been a very fun, as well as rewarding project for me.

Once I focused on Inch Dumbbell training for this DVD, I even saw improvements in my own Inch Dumbbell training.

In fact, I recently performed not only my longest Double Inch Farmer's Walk ever, but was able to carry them four different times all in the same session, something that has never happened to me before.

Just think - if shooting this DVD and really focusing in on Inch Training has helped ME that much - IMAGINE how much this DVD can help YOU!.

Are You Frustrated with Your
Lack of Progress with the Inch Dumbbell?

Believe me, I know what it's like to be frustrated with the Inch Dumbbell.

No other Grip training implement has caused me more GRIEF, than the Inch Dumbbell.

I've been working on the Inch Dumbbell since 2003, and after 10 years of trial-and-error experimentation, I've only recently in the last year or so been able to really figure out what works for me.

Now, I've assembled all that 10+ years of knowledge into one resource that can answer all your questions on Inch Dumbbell training.

Don't wait another minute to add this DVD to your personal library.

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Here's to YOU, lifting the Inch Dumbbell.

I can't wait to hear about it!

All the best in your training.

2014 & '15 North American Grip Sport Champion

P.S. You've Got My Unwaivering Guarantee that this video will help you get better with the Inch Dumbbell.

P.P.S. There's absolutely NO RISK to you. If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with your DVD, simply return it within 60 days and I will refund your money completely.

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