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Do you want to know why most programs and lifters FAIL to produce big, strong, forearms?

Well, think about it this way...

You wouldn't just work the rest of your body with the same exact rep schemes and same exact weights all the time, right?

RIGHT! So you shouldn't train your forearms like that either!

You need to train your lower arms just like you train the rest of your body.

The Fierce Forearms Workout will get you better results than other forearm training plans.

Here's what sets Fierce Forearms apart...

TRAINING THE FOREARMS FOR STRENGTH: At the beginning of the workout, get ready to throw some weight on the bar and shock your forearms into growth.

A lack of heavy loads is why most forearms programs FAIL to deliver results, and why you're stuck with the same skinny forearms all the time.

In Fierce Forearms, you'll learn the absolute best exercises to load the forearms with lots of weight and trigger forearm strength development and size increases.

FOREARM SIZE COMES FROM PROPER VOLUME: Once you've stimulated your forearms for serious strength gains, now it's time to blow them up!

You've NEVER felt a pump in your forearms like you're gonna feel with the 2nd and 3rd combinations in this workout.

By working on both STRENGTH and SIZE in the same workouts, you'll see faster gains in less time than other forearm training programs.

FOREARM PAIN PREVENTION: It's time to say "Get Lost, Elbow Pain!"

One of the biggest complaints I receive from all of you is about Elbow Pain.

You can say goodbye to elbow pain for good now, because in Fierce Forearms, you're gonna learn one of my go-to methods for elbow pain prevention.

And, not only does the movement I'm gonna show you keep your elbows healthy, it also helps you take your forearm development to new levels.

COMPLETE DEVELOPMENT: You see, this exercise is going to work your forearms in ways most programs totally skip altogether, leaving a giant hole in your forearm development.

But you won't have to worry about that, because I've got you covered!

WRIST REINFORCEMENT: Ever have a wrist buckle on you during an exercise or when you were working?

You won't have to worry about that anymore, because Fierce Forearms includes an exercise for the wrist that will strengthen and stabilize it.

Soon, not only will your wrists be stronger, but by working this often neglected plain of movement, you will see even more development in your forearms, and everyone else at the gym is gonna be wondering what the heck you've been doing to turn your forearms into tree branches laced with steel cables.

PROPER RECOVERY = BETTER RESULTS: Do you know why 50% of people (or more) fail at their training goals?

It's because their programs don't involve the proper recovery methods.

When you can't recover between workouts, you can't train as often at an intense level.

And that means your results will suffer.

With Fierce Forearms, Recovery is built right in. You're gonna learn about my favorite Forearm Recovery Drill that I just recently re-discovered a few months back and has been a mainstay in my routine ever since.

This drill has been awesome for helping me keep training at a high level for months on end without injury - and it's going to do the same for you as well.

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PLAIN AND SIMPLE: Most programs fail to bring you the results you want because they completely ignore major movement patterns of the forearms, leaving you with incomplete development.

Fierce Forearms covers these for you, helping you attain complete development of the lower arms and size and definition you never thought possible.

Fierce Forearms includes my absolute favorite forearm exercises, some of which I've been doing since 2002, and I can't wait to share them with you.

BASIC EQUIPMENT: Don't even worry about going out and buying any new or expensive equipment. Most of the stuff I use on a weekly basis in my garage gym is available at any commercial gym as well.

And for the exercises that involve "tools," I'll show you exactly how you can use common household items to accomplish the VERY SAME RESULTS.


DON'T be the one who needs to throw on straps for every pulling exercise.

Get Fierce Forearms and be the one whose grip and forearms are strong enough to hold onto what you're lifting.

DON'T be the one who needs to ask for help every time you need to open up a jar or do other tasks around the house.

Get Fierce Forearms and you'll be strong enough to that stuff yourself.

DON'T be the one with massive upper arms and pipe cleaners for lower arms.

Get Fierce Forearms and start building thick, meaty forearms.

DON'T go another day with skinny forearms that gets you picked on.

Get FIERCE FOREARMS TODAY and be the one who instantly gets respect when other people lay eyes on the big forearms you've crafted.

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All the best in your training,

Jedd Johnson