If you've ever thought about bending steel, then be sure to read this entire letter!
Maximum Wrist Reinforcement:
How to Train The Right Way
for Absolute Steel Destruction!

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Fellow Friends of Feats of Strength:

Crushing Down Big Steel
At a 2006 Grip Contest
Steel bending is the one of the most popular Strongman Feats.

There's few things in life more satisfying than feeling a nail or steel bar buckle under your might.

But, as fun as steel bending is, not everyone is ready to just grab a steel bar and bend it.

In fact, it's actually a better idea to lay a foundation of strength in your wrists and forearms BEFORE trying out steel bending.

Until now, there hasn't been a real good way to temper the wrists for steel massacre.

And as a result, people would buy a bunch of nails and not be able to bend anything.

Or they'd buy "the beginner's bag" of steel bars, bend the lowest 2 levels of steel, and then be stopped dead in their tracks.

I wanted to change all that with the Sledge Only Workout: Readying the Wrists for Steel Bending.

Why the Sledge is the PERFECT TOOL
to Prepare The Lower Arms to Smash Steel:

Chuck Sipes: Oldtime
Strongman and Bodybuilder
In steel bending, especially with short bars where leverage is limited, you've got to be able to create immense amounts of force on the ends of the bar to get the Kink, or initial bend, started.

Dumbbells, barbells, and other conventional tools won't train your hands the way they need to be trained to prepare you for steel bending.

But the Sledge Hammer is different, because with the Sledge, you're working against Leverage.

And there's dozens, if not HUNDREDS of ways to train with a Sledge Hammer for wrist strength.

The problem is, many of those movements won't do much to help your steel bending, either.

The Sledge Only Workout uses ONLY THE VERY BEST SLEDGE TRAINING MOVEMENTS to give you a head start in steel bending.

Prepare Your Wrists for Battle with Steel
the Best Way Possible
by Using Sledge Hammers ONLY:

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Just $14.95

Here's What You'll See in Your Training,
After You Follow the Sledge Only Workout:

You'll start out STRONGER with bending, because you've trained your hands SMARTER, with the right Sledge Hammer exercises.

You'll graduate up the levels of bending FASTER by building a proper foundation.

You'll be able to bend more steel per session without seeing a drop-off in strength.

You'll ward off injuries that can cause set-backs to your training.

Your skin will toughen up and the connective tissue in your hands will be more resilient.

You'll be able to engage your strength FASTER and more efficiently after a few times through the workout.

You'll experience less soreness once you begin bending, because your hands, fingers, wrists and connective tissues will already be conditioned.

You'll have MORE CONFIDENCE when you start bending because you'll be stronger and your lower arms will be more powerful.

You'll recover better from one bending workout to the next because you'll have a better reserve of strength to draw from.

Grab It Today:

Just $14.95

Other Benefits of Using Sledge Hammers
for Steel Bending Prep:

Sledge hammers are a safe investment, because they will last you for years.
I still have the very first sledge hammer I got over 10 years ago, and it's still in great shape today - and believe me, I've put that thing through the wringer!

By training with a sledge hammer, you'll save money on steel.
You'll be able to do most of your warm-up work with a sledge, so you won't need to keep a bunch of extra bars laying around to get the blood flowing through your hands prior to bending.

Volume bending to condition the hands and wrists is unnecessary - just use a Sledge!
A common practice amongst benders is to set special days for volume bending to condition the hands. Total waste of time and money - all you need is a sledge hammer.

Light difficulty, high-volume bending creates bad habits.
When many benders do volume bending, they use steel that is much, much lighter than their working bends, which means they don't need perfect form to bend it. This can lead to poor technique and bad habits, which can actually take away from your top level bending strength and cause injuries.

As you can see, there are a TON of reasons to get the Sledge Only Workout, and start doing it today.

After you work these movements into your routine on a regular basis for the next few weeks, you'll be FEARLESS once you start bending steel.

And if it just so happens that you never end up getting into steel bending, you'll still end up with some of the strongest hands in the gym.

And with the ultra low price of $14.95, you're talking about a super safe investment.

Pick up the Sledge Only Workout today and start building wrist power that you can't even imagine.

Grab It Today:

Just $14.95

Thanks and all the best in your training.


Jedd Johnson
4X Consecutive North American Grip Sport Champion
Certified Big Bastard Bar Bender
Red Nail Bender with Reverse Technique


What is the Sledge Only Workout?
The Sledge Only Workout is a lower arm conditioning workout, specifically designed to help your hands, wrists and forearms be better prepared for the various forms of bending steel and nails. The entire workout involves basic movements using a Sledge Hammer. No other grip training equipment is required to successfully do the workout.

Is the Sledge Only Workout a DVD?
The Sledge Only workout is completely digital. The access page is emailed directly to the customer at the email address used to purchase the product. You'll be able to watch the videos right on your computer or mobile device, wherever you are at, even right at the gym.

Will Sledge Training or Bending Set Back My Other Training?
Any time you add something new to your routine, it can affect your recovery abilities. It's a good idea to drink more water, increase calories, and optimize your rest as much as possible when starting a new workout or form of training.

Naturally, it's not a bad idea to get a physician's opinion before starting something new like grip training. Further, I would say that by following the Sledge Only Workout, you'll see BETTER RESULTS in your bending, than if you DIDN'T try the Sledge Only Workout.

What If I Have Questions About Implementing the Workout?
As always, I'm available anytime via email in order to discuss how to best implement the Sledge Only Workout, or any product you've bought. Just email me at (jedd dot diesel at gmail dot com).

The only downside to getting stronger from the Sledge Only Workout is that you're gonna have to bump up steel bending levels sooner, and bigger bars cost a bit more.

But bending bigger steel is what you want, right?

That's what I thought. Grab this today, at this ultra low price and prepare to become a steel slayer!

Grab It Today:

Just $14.95