IronMind Silver Bullet
IronMind Silver Bullet

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The Silver Bullet Hold for Time.

The perfect balance between crushing force, holding power, and test of will.

This test of strength and stamina involves holding a 2.5-kilogram disk suspended from the end of an aluminum "bullet" with a heavy-duty hand gripper.

And despite the simplicity of the Silver Bullet event, it remains one of the most frustrating Grip challenges in the world.

Believe me, 2.5 kilograms never felt so heavy until you're holding it at the end of the Silver Bullet.

It would seem so easy to progress on the Silver Bullet, but competitors continually put up roughly the same numbers in competition, barely gaining any time at all from contest to contest and from year to year.

The Silver Bullet can be truly maddening.

And as the rest of the competitive grip world continues to shake their heads in bewilderment, wondering what they're doing wrong, you're about to go to the next level with your Silver Bullet training.

This DVD will open your eyes to the missing pieces of the puzzle of Silver Bullet Training.

Each one of these missing puzzle pieces
can add between 3 to 5 seconds
on your Silver Bullet time.

Puzzle Piece #1 - Gripper Set-up


By making these 3 quick adjustments to the way you place the gripper in your hand, you'll instantly gain better mechanical advantage and each gripper attempt will feel easier than the last.

Puzzle Piece #2 - Bullet Placement


Make these 2 little tweaks to how you place the bullet between the handles of the gripper, and you'll eat up less energy during the set-up and you'll produce instant PR's.

Puzzle Piece #3 - Tension Management


Do you struggle with the set? You need to fix that, RIGHT AWAY. You gotta get a grip on tension to be great at Grip Sport events, and the Silver Bullet is no different. With this 1 golden nugget, crushing the Silver Bullet with the #3 gripper will INSTANTLY seem EASIER.

Puzzle Piece #4 - Holding Technique


At least 90% of competitors set their arm up WRONG during the Silver Bullet hold, automatically making the event harder, essentially handicapping themselves from the get-go.
Are you one of these 90%? If so, make this easy adjustment TODAY and you'll see instant increases in performance.

Each of these 4 puzzle pieces can add 3 to 5 seconds to your Silver Bullet Hold.

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A sneak peak inside this Silver Bullet Video:

This Silver Bullet video was originally a Workout of the Month on that showcased the training I was doing in October of 2014 in preparation for a World Record attempt in a contest that would take place in December of that year.

The methods you're about to learn, helped me take first place in the Silver Bullet in that competition, as well as reach the 56 second mark in training, enough to unofficially break the world record at that time of 54 seconds.

Rules Overview

It's important to have an understanding of the rules of the event you're training for, so you know what you can and can't do. We cover this briefly, and then we get right into the instruction.

Believe me - it may sound crazy to cover this, but you wouldn't believe how many people do not understand the rules of this event, including not only competitors, but judges who are running contests and keeping times.

But most importantly, this section ensures that you know everything you need to know, right from the start. There's nothing worse than training an event one way, only to find out you've reinforced bad habits once you get to the competition.


In this section, we cover the meat and potatoes of Technique for the Silver Bullet. Like any kind of strength lift or event, it pays big dividends to perfect your technique. Grippers are every bit as technical as lifts such as the Bench Press and Deadlift.

You would be surprised how important proper technique is to successfully improving your Silver Bullet times. What might seem like minor tweaks and adjustments can lead to closing grippers a half inch farther, bumping up a full level on grippers, and adding 3 to 5 seconds to your hold time.

The old adage, "Pennies make dollars," was never as true as it is in the case of crushing big grippers and squeezing the Silver Bullet. This section alone is worth your entire investment.

Selecting Your Training Gripper and Weight

When it comes to training the Silver Bullet, it may seem like all you need to do is grab the gripper, shut it down onto the Silver Bullet and hold for dear life.

But, in reality, there's much more to it than that, and in this section I cover some of the things you NEED TO consider when working to improve your Silver Bullet performance.

All of this I cover in this section, including:
  • When should you train under exact contest conditions?
  • Should I ever use a lighter weight than the required 2.5kg?
  • When, if ever, should I use a gripper above the #3 level?
  • And many other variables will be addressed that will help you progress with your Silver Bullet training.
Manipulating these variables is KEY for programming on the Silver Bullet and staying motivated.

Training Frequency

Maybe the question that I'm asked most often is, "How often should I train the Silver Bullet?"

While I feel that the issues to iron out first are technique-related, I can appreciate the training frequency concerns, and I address them in this section of the video.

Once you go through this section, you'll have a much firmer hold on how to maximize your results with balanced training and recovery time.

But remember - no training frequency will bring about better results than figuring out your proper technique. You gotta make sure your technique is SOLID.

The Workout

What you're about to see in this section, is without a doubt, a Silver Bullet workout you've never seen before.

After tapping into the minds of countless athletes who have tried the Silver Bullet, I can tell you that this workout is completely 100% unique.

This isn't just me going through the motions - this is a real training session that got entered into my log book.

In fact, you can grab your stuff and bring it to wherever you watch the video and try to beat my hold times on each attempt.

Let me know how you make out when we go "head to head!"

Bonus Section

Want to feed off some unbridaled intensity?

Looking for something to inspire you the next time you train the Silver Bullet?

Then this section is gonna be perfect for you.

I've assembled all of my best efforts, most intense training sessions, and even some never-before-seen footage into a Bonus section that you can come back to anytime you need a little extra boost in your training.

Check out what is included in the Bonus Section:

BONUS #1: Forget the #3; LET'S GO BIGGER! - I firmly believe in testing uncharted waters, and in this section I do just that, turning the dial to the max and using the #3.5 with the Silver Bullet.

BONUS #2: Feat of the Year - I didn't name it, but I went after it like a crazed dog. I feel like this was a big turning point in my training, overall, because it truly made me push my boundaries and break through what I thought were my current limitations.

BONUS #3:The 2 Minute Window - A little spin of my own on the Feat of the Year, this one doubled up the demand, and I'm still the only person in the world (that I know of) who's completed it.

BONUS #4: Gripmas 2014 - Watch the culmination of over a year of training to break the Silver Bullet record, in my official attempt at Gripmas 2014.

BONUS #5: Beating the World Record - Although not in competition, I've broken the current world record in training. And no questionable video trickery or overly tilted grippers were used to gain an advantage. Only legit stuff here.
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Until then, all the best in your training!

Jedd Johnson
2014 & 2015 Grip Sport Champion
Certified Captain of Crush and Silver Bullet Record Assasin

P.S. Most people wouldn't even be able to get the gripper handles close enough to get a bite on the bullet, let alone stand up tall and hold it there with determination.

But YOU are different from most people - your dedication and perseverance will not let you give up in the fight.

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