September 8, 2016

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Following is a list of all of the posts here on the TGA website, as of September 2016.

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All Posts at TGA

Basic Sledge Hammer Training for Wrist Strength

Wrist Strength Training with Kettlebells

Grip Variations for Block Weight Lifting PR’s

How Does Jedd’s Training Change Month to Month

Living Legends Grip Challenge Preparation

Kettlebell Bottom’s Up Technique and Training

Vertical Bar Safety Considerations and Chalking

The Pull-up Process: How to Perform Your First Pull-up

Gripper Set Analysis to Close Bigger Grippers

Limited Budget Grip Training – Beyond Easy and Cheap

How to Train the Floor Sledge Lever

Bending Tips: Shaving Time off Your Red Nail Cert

Obstacle Course Skills: Crossing Monkey Bars

Thick Bar Workout Inspired by Coan Philippi Deadlift Program

Gripper Analysis: Improving Technique for Closing Bigger Grippers

Wrist Wrench Training

Adding Weight to Your Baby Inch for Better Progress

Strongman Training Axle Workout

One Hand Pinch Rotational Training Inspired by Kody Burns

One Hand Pinch Interactive Analysis

Warm-up Routine for Maximizing Grip Workouts

Proven Plate Pinching Workout

How to Improve Your Gripper Technique for Bigger Closes

How to Ready the Wrists for Steel Bending

Audio Interview on Grip Strength Training

Wrist Postural Training – Strengthening the Wrists Position Specifically

How to Train with the Napalm’s Nightmare (Product Free to TGA Members)

Interview with Allen Fisher: Arm Wrestling Considerations for Beginners

What’s Working Now: Two Hands Pinch – Protecting the Thumbs from Tearing

Axle Assault 2015

What’s Working Now: What Helped Jedd Win King Kong of Grip

TGA Exclusive: 2015 AOBS Strength Performance

Does It Even Make Sense to Train THIS?

Fix and Prevent Elbow Pain in Grip Training

Should I Train with Adjustable Grippers?

How to Get a Tight Wrap for Safer, Stronger Bending

Kign Kong of Grip Prep – Shallow Hub

King Kong of Grip 2″ Vertical Bar Workout

King Kong of Grip Rules and Performance Tips

King Kong of Grip – Crusher

Maximizing Your Kink with the Double Overhand Technique

King Kong of Grip – 1 Hand Pinch

New Two Hands Pinch Training Method I’ve Been Using

High Impact Grip Training for Any Lifter

Last Two Finger Training for a Stronger Gripper Close

Free DVD: How to Lift the Inch Dumbbell

Double Overhand Bending Tips: Quick Wins for Increasing Bending Power

Interview: Alan Barch Jr – Newest #3.5 Closer

May Workout of the Month – Fierce Forearm Training

Hybrid Horn Training

How to Grip the Axle for the Biggest Lifts

Grip Programming and Training Split

Mastering the IronMind Hub and Block – Interview with John McCarter

Article: How to Build Grip Strength

April Push and Pull Workout for Axle and Wrist Wrench

Gripper Training & Peaking Program for Gripper Certifications – Interview with Tommy Jennings

The Role of Hand Strength and Tension Management in Martial Arts

What to Bring to a Grip Contest

Proper Stance for Meat Hook Lift

How to Improve Your Gripper Set for Bigger Gripper Closes

How to Maximize Performance in the Sandbag Carry

2015 Grip Sport Nationals – Got Questions?

March Workout – Heavy Modified CBT Gripper Training

Second Time Training Meat Hooks

A New Means of Protected Pinch

Meat Hooks Training and Tips

February 2015 – Rolling Thunder Attack

Wrist Roller for Forearm and Wrist Strength

Band Resisted Training – Great for Grip Strength

Quick Article – New Horseshoe Bending Technique?

January Workout – Goal Block Weight Training

Phone Book Tearing Tips

Opertion Gripper Certification – Free for TGA Members

November Workout of the Month: Back, Thick Bar, Blob & Hammer

Free for TGA Members – Grip Training for MMA Athletes

October Workout of the Month: Silver Bullet Training

Grip Training Specificity Continuum

Free for TGA Members – Cadence Based Gripper Training Program

Free Bonus for TGA Members: How I Prevent and Recover from Back Injuries

August 2014 Workout – Two Hands Pinch Program

How to Increase Your Two Hand Axle Deadlift

Best Methods for Training to Lift the Inch Dumbbell

July 2014 Workout of the Month

New Product Free for TGA Members – Block Weight Training DVD

Refining Gripper Technique and Moving to the Next Level

Goose Neck Holds – A High Benefit Exercise You Should Try

TGA Explanation

Gripper Training Coaching Call

Credit Card Set Gripper Technique

Reverse Bending Pointers

Gripper Coaching Points – Jorg

May 2014 WOM: Cadence Gripper Training and Two hands Pinch

8 Seconds: Listen and Discuss

Grip Strength and Feats of Strength Interview

April WOM: Two Hands Pinch Magic Training Layout

Basic and Advanced Two hands Pinch Training

Hand Pain from Closing Grippers

Thoughts on Gripper Training – Cadence Based Work

March Workout of the Month: Gripper Assault

Mandatory for ALL Grip Trainees

February 2014 WOM: Attacking the Two Hands Pinch

Training on the Stub for Big Lifts and Longer Holds

Why Gripper Placement is So Important

January WOM: Real Thick Bar Training Session

New Extensor Exercise for Faster Grip Progress

Couch Pad Deload Training

Gripper Technique Pointers for Credit Card Sets

One Way to Strengthen Your Gripper Set

December Workout: Give Yourself the Gift of Recovery Workout

Proper Gripper Placement for Credit Card Sets

Grip Training for Football Lineman

November 2013 WOM: Thick Bar Plug-in Training

Work with Jedd Grip Coaching Program

Must Know Technique Hack for Credit Card Gripper Training

Overlooked Technique for Max Grip Lifting

Napalm Pinch Devices

October 2013 WOM – Block Weight Mayhem

Figuring Out Gripper Training Programs and Workouts That Work Best For You

Grip Superstar Interview – Cesare “Chez” Richezza

Master Strongman Interview – Chad Netherland

Chad Netherland

Holdfast Travel Videos Posted

Sept 2013 WOM – Back Hurt, Dog Died, Traveling Zero Equipment Workout

3 Ways to Train the Trap Bar Hold for Time

Bust Your Sledge Hammer Choke Plateaus

Cutting Weight for a Grip Contest

Assignment: RE – Blob Lifting

How to Decide Your Width on the Two Hands Pinch

Plate Pinch Progressions

August 2013 WOM – King Kong Contest Prep

Alternate 2HP Positions for Hip/Knee/Leg Injuries

Porn Pad Deloads for the Inch, Blob or Plate Pinching

Gripper Positioning for Max Strength

July 2013 WOM – Holdfast Gauntlet Preparation

Coaching Points: Chasing Gripper Gold

Gripper Training Documentation System

Gripper Coaching Points – Thumb Strike & Roll the Dice

June 2013 WOM – LBH (Lever Bigger Hammers)

Best Way to Move Up on Grippers?

Would You Help Me Out on This?

Nationals 2013 Rundown

Maximizing Stretch Reflex on Grippers

Ultimate Wrist Roller and Something to Remember

May 2013 Workout of the Month

6 Block Weights in 1

Is the Ivanko Super Gripper a Good Buy?

Crushing Down Horseshoes

Interview: Develop the Strongest Hands in the World

April WOM: Improve Your Card Tearing

The CNS and Its Role in Strength Training

Medley Event Training Strategy

Coaching Points – Forearm Mobility / Supination Recovery

March 2013 WOM

Understanding and Managing Tension

Steel Bending – Advanced Wrapping Techniques

New Rahab/Prehab Drills

February WOM – Postural Wrist Strength

Double Overhand Bending Coaching Points

January 2013 Workout of the Month

How to Make and Train with the Pony Clamp with Extended Handles

How to Train for Climbing

Keep the Power Flowing Therapy

December 2012 Coaching Call

Free Gift for All Members

3 Keys to Succeeding with Feats of Strength

Questions and Answers on the Paul Knight Gripper Program

Forearm Injury Log

November 2012 Coaching Call

Thumb Joint Rehab

November 2012 Workout of the Month

Gripper Set Coaching Points

Improving Your Deadlift Grip Strength

Escalating Reps Rest Pause Sets

Update: How to Set Up a Training Layout

Understanding Movement Pattern Terms and Injury Prevention

Isometric Training for Two Hands Pinch

October 2012 Workout of the Month

September 2012 Coaching Call

How to Pinch Plates

Make Your Own Dual Purpose Block Weight

September 2012 Workout of the month

(Download) Elbow Injury Recording

August 2012 Coaching Call

How to Break Chain One Hand Lift Style

Big PR Sharing with My TGA Friends Only

August WOM – Strongman Competitor Grip Training

July 2012 Coaching Call

TGA Member Discount for PA Grip Seminar

July WOM – Gripper Certification Specialization

Modifying Your Gripper for Certification Training

Nail Breaking Tips and Demos

June 2012 Coaching Call

June WOM Vitamin D Workout

General Warm-up for Grip Training

Adjustable Thick Bar Review

Easy Strength: EYE OPENING Axle Training Routine

Eliminating Wrist Pain

May Coaching Call

May Workout – Big Hubbin’

A Little About Me

Hub Lifting Training Technique

April 2012 Coaching Call

Coaching Points – Hub Lifting

April 2012 Workout – Feat Lift Specific Drills

Axle Update – TGA Only

Board Slides for Improving Grip Strength

Article: Partner Assisted Closes

Interview: Grip Strength & Injuries

March Coaching Call

Coaching Points – Two Hands Pinch

Wisdom from Mighty Mitts

Rubber Band Finisher

February Coaching Call Video

Coaching Points: Double Overhand Bending

February Workout – Increase Axle Performance

Band Resisted Rack Pulls for Grip Strength

Proper Use of Grip4orce Handles

The Overhand Wrist Roller Lift

Braced Bending Feats Information

January Coaching Call – Grippers

Coaching Points – 2″ Vertical Bar

January 2012 – Workout of the Month – Vertical Bar

Vertical bar Lifting Technique

Coaching Points – Double Overhand Bending

December Coaching Call

December Workout of the Month – Who Knew a Leverage Bar Could be So Bad-Ass

Bending Progression Chart and How to Use It

What’s Working Now – Two Hand Pinch World Record Update

Inch Dumbbell Articles

November Coaching Call

Choked Gripper Training

Grip Strength Training Basics

Follow me to Iron Grip Monster Success

Top 10 Gripper Training Mistakes

Thumb Tears Discussion

November Workout of the Month

How the Double Hammer Set-up is Built

October Coaching Audio

Volume Intensive Sessions for Big PR’s

October Workout of the Month

From the Diesel Archives: Training with the Human Vise

How to Put Chokers on Grippers

September Coaching Audio

Against the Grain Workout of the Month

New Product Test Drive – Gripper Training DVD

Band Resisted 2HP Platform

August Coaching Call

August Workout of the Month

More Info on Grip Topz

Two New Audios – Horseshoe Bending

Wrist Roller Sled Drag Training

Block Weight Training – An Instant Win for Grip Strength

July Coaching Call Audio

July Workout of the Month

Things I Taught Richard Sorin

Paul Knight Influenced Gripper Program

June 2011 Coaching Call – New Feature!

June 2011 – Workout of the Month – Thick Bar Onslaught

How to Swing Kettlebells – Foundation for Grip Strength

June 2011 PR Thread

Interview with Experience Life Magazine

Article – 3 Keys to Help You with Feats of Strength

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Workout of the Month – May 2011

How to Set up A Grip Program

Intense Grip Training Using Sled Dragging

April 2011 Workout of the Month

Phone Book Tearing Demonstrations

Home Made Strength Equipment

What’s Working Now – Finger Rehab

How to Adjust the Ivanko Super Gripper

Intro to the Grip Top

Question for all TGA Members

March 2011 Workout of the Month

Secret Key to Progress – Diesel Style

February 2011 PR Thread

Unseen Sledge Maneuvers – Get Stronger Than Everybody Else

Adam Glass Interviews Jedd Johnson

February 2011 Workout of the Month – Advanced Grip Training Technique

Can Tubing Help Your Gripper Set?

January Workout of the Month – Period Training

A New Way to Measure Stronger – Isolated Plate Pinch

How to Do Kettlebell Flipping for Grip Strength

Horse Shoe Bending Pointers

PR Thread

Congrats to Brent and Todd

How to Get More Bending PRs

What’s Working Now – Two Hand Pinch Record

Product Review – Bison 1M

December Workout of the Month

What’s Working Now – Vulcan Training Tips

Workout of the Month – November

The Climber Pinch

Product Review – The Xtensor

Diesel Skull Tees – Halloween Special

New Product Test Drive – Home Made Strength II

What You Need NOW!

Radiant Tension Experiment

October Workout of the Month

Congratulations to Brent Barbe

Member Question – Training Frequency

Grip Strength Nationals Tee Shirts

Wrapping Best Practices

Training for Grip Endurance

Product Review – The Vulcan Gripper

September Workout of the Month – Grippers

Increasing Kettlebell Performance

Instant Thick Bar for Less than $5

August 2010 – Intro Video and Announcements

How to Build and Use the Dowel Balancer

Diesel Original – Clamp Curls

July 2010 Workout of the Month

Workout Highlight Video

Super Strong Wrists in No Time

June 2010 – Workout of the Month

Introduce Yourself

May 2010 – Workout of the Month

How to Do Horse Shoe Bending

DIY Forearm Therapy Device

How Often Should You Training Grip

The Jowett Anvil Carry

April 2010 – Workout of the Month

Anvil Training

Rolling Thunder Training

March Workout of the Month – Rolling Thunder

Test Drive – 8-Week Grip Training Program

February Workout of the Month – Preparing to Destroy Phone Books

How to do Legitimate Phone Book Tearing

How to build Napalm’s Nightmare Device

Grip Strength Considerations for the Bench Press

How to Make the Hardest Axle Ever

Intro to Grippers – The Stuff You NEED To Know

January Workout of the Month – Gripper Training

Pinching Two 45’s

December Workout of the Month

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